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Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805)

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Help support

Help support the Marbacher Schillerverein!

Contributions to the Marbacher Schillerverein
may be made via bank draft to:


Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg
DE 17 6045 0050 0003 0028 61



Volksbank Ludwigsburg
DE94 6049 0150 0865 0210 07




Contribute online via Betterplace

The Schillerverein is registered with the court in Stuttgart as No. 310004 in the Vereinsregister. It is recognized as a non-profit organization, which means proceeds from membership and donations qualify for certain tax considerations.


Contribute to mark special personal occasions
Perhaps you may wish to celebrate a festive occasion or an important birthday and instead of receiving gifts would like to do something special to benefit a charitable cause for the community. If the last option is your wish, simply ask your guests and celebrants to make a contribution to support our Museum.


Business contributions
Perhaps, at year's end your company or business may wish to make a contribution to the Museum as a gift on behalf of your customer(s). If this is the case we would be happy to send you a supply of special thank you cards from the Museum, which you could personalize and send to your customers.


Become a member of the Schillerverein
We would be especially happy if you choose to become a member of the Schillerverein Marbach.
Membership dues are 30.- Euro annually for individuals or 45.- Euro for couples. There is no membership fee for persons under the age of 18.